newMacgadgets releases PAD-Lock iPad 2 Security Kit

PAD-LockAs the use of iPads in public (often unsupervised) settings becomes more and more common, especially for display and demonstration purposes (whether you are trying to use them to sell a product, advertise a service, showcase an app or just sell itself), the need for security becomes more and more prevalent. With this in mind, newMacgadgets has released the PAD-Lock iPad 2 Security Kit.

Designed to work with the iPad 2, newMacgadgets also claims their device will work with the new iPad 3. With the brackets of the PAD-Lock constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the device promises to allow “full motion of the iPad 2 while minimizing any additional weight.” With the security system in place (secured to the corners of the iPad), the tablet will rest 1″ above the surface you rest it on. The idea behind this is that it allows for a clean and clever nesting of any cables and other messes beneath the unit making it more attractive.

A 7.5′ coated steel wire cable and 25mm padlock allows for attachment to nearly any surface, though newMacgadgets also provides a universal anchor point mount for those scenarios where a suitable location is just not available (like many existing trade show boots or in-store sales displays). Included cushions fit inside the brackets so your iPad will not see a scratch from having been in the PAD-Lock.

The only feature I wish this system offered was a choice of color or materials. The black looks great with the black and silver iPad, but something more acrylic or white would better compliment the white version of the tablet. Either way, the PAD-Lock offers peace of mind for those wanting to use the iPad in a supporting role anywhere that security is a potential concern.

The PAD-Lock iPad 2 Security Kit can be purchased directly from newMacgadgets on their website for USD $49.95.

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