New Kindle Ad – Amazon Taking more Shots at Apple

Amazon is stepping up its fight against Apple’s iPad with a new round of Kindle and Kindle Fire TV commercials.  Earlier today, Amazon started to air a new TV commercial taking direct aim at the iPad, and once again showed the problems of reading a book on an iPad in direct sunlight. The commercial goes on to portray the Kindle superior to the iPad in several key areas, especially when it comes to price.

The commercial features a lady reading a book on her Kindle while used in direct sunlight, and explains that when it comes to movies, all she has to do is to switch to her Kindle Fire. She also notes that two Kindle Fires and a Kindle cost less than one iPad, so that everyone in the family can enjoy their own device simultaneously.

Late last year, rumors of a potential iPad price cut surfaced, to allow Apple to better compete against Amazon. According to the rumors, the iPad 2 is expected to remain in production throughout 2012, and will be sold at a lower price point once the iPad 3 hits store shelves.

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  • Geburag

    I find it funny that the person posting this story seems to think that anything other than the price of the iPad is being attacked. The kindle (not the fire) is the most comfortable way to read ebooks. There were no other claims. There was no mention of it being “superior”. Relax.