iPad 3 to Launch First Week of March?

Tim CookYou can add another rumor to the pile of news surrounding the impending launch of the iPad 3. With the latest fuel coming from the Wall Street Journal, there may be a little more credibility to the suggestion that Apple is preparing for a launch in the first week of March.

Despite several suggestions from various sources that Apple may have an event in February to announce the latest version of their tablet, all signs indicate Apple is ramping up for a March event.

The event, expected to take place at the at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francsico, has become one of Apple’s favorite spots for making big announcements.

Once the announcement takes place, the first question on everybody’s mind will be how long until it ships and we can have it in our hands. If Apple follows the lead they have set with recent product launches, including the iPhone 4S and last year’s iPad 2, I think we can expect to see units hit shelves within a week or so after the news is delivered.

That same event may also be an opportunity for Apple to announce iOS 5.1, the first major upgrade to their new flagship mobile operating system. This kind of audience and venue would allow them to publicly address some of the outstanding issues that are driving users of their devices more than a little crazy (little things like poor battery life and a PhotoStream that doesn’t allow you to easily delete images you don’t want visible there).

We don’t know yet what the next iPad will truly look like. If speculation is correct, the battery will have a longer life, the screen will be a higher resolution and the processor will be a whole lot faster. For me, the only question I have is which color I should get it in.

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