Hasbro Combines Board Games with iPad for New zAPPed Gaming Lineup

Hasbro is introducing a line of board games designed to be used in conjunction with the iPad. The games, which are part of its new zAPPed brand, feature the typical gaming boards and pieces, but use the iPad to simplify tasks like rolling the dice, spinning, and calculating money totals.

The Game of Life will be Hasbro’s first release, and players will be able to download a free companion app to use with the game. The app will allow players to spin, get paid, sue other players, and make other decisions right on the iPad.

If you’ve ever played life, you know there are tons of game pieces and cards to set up, so I for one am super excited for this new Hasbro line of games. In addition to automating some gameplay elements, the app will also provide more than 100 clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos to accompany life cards.


Hasbro also has plans to release a zAPPed version of Monopoly, where the iPad will be turned into a banking unit for calculating rent and fees, adding and subtracting money from virtual accounts, which should eliminate much of the tediousness that comes with a good game of Monopoly.

In addition to board games, Hasbro is working on a new Lazer Tag brand, which will combine the power and excitement of live-action blaster battles with augmented reality gameplay of traditional video games.

To start the game, players will download the free Lazer Tag app to their iPhone or iPod Touch, connect it to the Lazer Tag blaster, and become immersed in a world where real life and video games intersect. Each blaster comes equipped with a virtual firing range of over 250 feet and has a HUD to allow players to keep track of gear and power, while providing a view of targets and enemies in the area. A leaderboard keeps score, and after successful missions, players will receive upgradeable attacks, missions, and gear.

Hasbro’s new zAPPed Game of Life is currently available for sale in the Hasbro Toy Shop for $24.99. Monopoly will be coming soon and will retail for the same price. Hasbro’s Lazertag Blaster 2 set is set to be released in August, and will retail for $69.99.

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  • Uther_Pendragon

    Match Up is a good board game for the iPad. The kids love it.