Find the Best Videos on the Web with Showyou 3.0 for iPhone and iPad

Showyou is a social video app for all of your iDevices. It allows you to filter the millions of videos that are uploaded to the internet every day by showing you the content that your friends and contacts share on all of their social networks.

Once you install Showyou on one of your iDevices, you will be able to see the videos from your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, plus you can subscribe to specific channels that interest you on YouTube and Vimeo.

All of this content is displayed on one convenient screen, which is called the Showyou Grid. The grid is an easy way to browse through all of the available content, so you can find exactly which videos interest you while ignoring the ones that don’t.

In addition to following channels and friends on your other social networks, you can also find new friends within the app as you discover new people and channels who share videos that you love.

There are currently more than 30 million videos in the Showyou database, and you can search through all of them to find hours and hours of great content to watch. If your friends aren’t on Showyou, you can share content from the app on your other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and you can even watch Showyou content on your Apple TV 2.0 with Airplay.

Showyou’s all new 3.0 update has added even more functionality to an already great app. You can now tap a user icon to see all of a person’s shared videos, browse content by category, explore hashtag grids with data from Twitter, plus much more.

Want to try Showyou? You can download the new version in the App Store for free.

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