Medical Industry Fast Adopting iPad

The medical industry is fast adopting the iPad as a viable and useful piece of mobile technology. It is being used by doctors for patient’s charts, as blood pressure monitors and even acts as a fully functioning ultrasound machine.

Endoscopic technology developer Envisionier has just released a medical app that allows users to wirelessly transmit endoscopic video to a nearby iPad, essentially replacing the need for a traditional medical video monitor.

Mobile health blog iMedicalApps recently reviewed Envisionier’s Endosync wireless video transmitter and companion iPad app. The company previously created a cloud-based storage application that would allow for capturing, collaboration and analysis of endoscopic video. The company has further improved the software by creating EndoSync, which is a wireless video transmitter that displays images on an iPad, which also functions as a simple report generator.

The blog states that, along with Envisionier’s EndoGo HD camera, “An endoscopy suite can now reside in a small briefcase instead of occupying a corner of a room.”

The EndoSync module accepts component video input from any source and resolution can either be standard DV (320×240) or HD (720×480).

The system creates an encrypted WiFi network, which the user joins from the iPad. The eGoGeo app can then be launched and video and stills can be captured. According to iMedicalApps, by having EndoSync create its own WiFi network it does not have to rely on a hospital or clinic’s wireless network. The system is able to multicast video output, allowing for multiple devices to view the images.

Envisionier has successfully created a near complete endoscopy ecosystem that can be used anywhere. Physicians’ assistants and nurse practitioners can capture images in remote areas and specialists can review and analyze the data in another location.

According to iMedicalApps, “This is one of the promises of mobile medical technology – that cost and complexity go down while access to health care improves. We will be looking forward to seeing EndoSync on the market and hearing about how practitioners are actually using it to help patients.”

To read the full review of EndoSync and Envisionier’s endoscopy ecosystem, visit iMedicalApps.

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