Kingdom Rush for iPad is a Must Have for Tower Defense Fans

There are a slew of tower defense games in the App Store, but it’s one of those addictive genres with dedicated fans that never tire of playing the same basic game again and again.

I am one of those fans, and Kingdom Rush is one of the better tower defense games I’ve played. It’s nearly perfect, from its miniaturized, cartoonish graphics to its fast-paced  action-oriented gameplay and well-designed controls.

Game pace is a complaint that I have about nearly every single tower defense game that I play, but not this one. It’s got a great pace right from the beginning, with no overly time consuming tutorials or complicated gameplay. You can jump right into the action, and let’s face it, I think we all know how to play a tower defense game at this point.

As with any TD, in Kingdom Rush, you build towers to stop enemy advances towards your base. There are four types of towers: militia barracks (blocking, weak melee), mage tower(slow, strong ranged), archer tower (fast, weak ranged), and Dwarven bombard (ranged, ground enemies). These four towers can eventually be upgraded several times, and later in the game, advanced towers are unlocked.

Kingdom Rush is no simple build-a-ton-of-units tower defense game. It takes significant strategy to finish each level, and you will need to place your units strategically. Your melee units stand in the roadway outside of the tower to block enemies, but they are weak and must be backed up with more powerful ranged units. Melee towers will respawn soldiers every 10 seconds, but enemies can mow through them much faster than that. Your soldiers can be placed anywhere in a small radius, but mage and archer units are restricted to their towers.

In addition, there are special abilities that must be used to supplement your towers, such as summoning extra soldiers and tossing destructive fireballs. These are important game elements, and you won’t win without careful use of your powers.

Monsters will have a wide range of talents, from healing other units to straight up attacking. They’ll also come in different speeds, so you will need the right combination of towers to deal with them.

Between levels, you’re able to use your earned stars to purchase upgrades to units and abilities, such as adding extra range to archers or increasing the armor of your melee units.

As I mentioned, this game is no picnic, but if you’re having too much trouble defeating those pesky goblins and wolves, you can turn the difficulty down to easy. On the same note, if you’re a tower defense whiz and the game turns out to be a bit too simple for you, you can turn the difficulty to a tougher setting.

In all, this is a well done tower game that is an absolute must have for tower defense fans. I could barely put it down to write this review, and in my book, that’s the mark of a great game.

What I liked: Everything. It’s got challenging, varied gameplay, good graphics, and perfect controls.

What I didn’t like: Nothing. Honestly. This is tower defense game is a pleasure to play, especially since I enjoy a good challenge. I’ll say that this game tends towards being a overly difficult, but it’s much more manageable on easy mode.

To buy or not to buy: I’ve already mentioned that Kingdom Rush is a fantastic game, so I’ll just add that it’s currently on sale for just $0.99, making this game a great buy.

  • App Name: Kingdom Rush
  • Version Reviewed: 1.2
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Ironhide Game Studios
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:


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    It is a must have for everyone! I really have no Internet about TD, but I really got into this epic game