PadGadget Weekly App Series – Apps for Bloggers

For today’s Weekly App Series we’ve found six great apps to add to your iPad collection. We have included six apps for bloggers in this week’s bundle. Our editorial team goes through the data, picks the best and most interesting apps and then brings them to you on a regular basis.

We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great apps and we’ll continue to look for the best apps on a weekly basis. Be sure to check them out because these apps might just be what you’re looking for.

This week’s category is: Apps for Bloggers

1. WordpressWordPress (Free) – Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran, I don’t think there is a blogger out there that hasn’t worked with WordPress. This app is an open-source initiative that works pretty well for writing and editing on the go. While there are still a few kinks to be worked out with regards to adding images and searching, for coffee-shop style posts or fixing a typo that will drive you nuts if you can’t fix it right this very second.


2. HootsuiteHootsuite (Free) – Bloggers are addicted to Twitter, whether they are looking for the latest story to discuss or tweeting out their posts to a band of loyal followers. Whether you are building reputation, networking or a casual observer, Hootsuite is the kind of Twitter client that gives you all of the above and beyond features you are looking for. What I love in particular is the ability to manage multiple accounts while accessing them across multiple platforms: on the web via HTTP, on your iPad and on your iPhone.


3. DropBoxDropBox (Free) – This probably isn’t the first time that you’ve heard of DropBox or had it recommended to you. But if you are a blogger, this can become a really indispensable tool. You never know when you’re going to want to reference an old document, access an image or even pull up that headshot and bio that you’ve been toting around for a while now. The other beautiful thing about DropBox is that it is fully cross-platform so you can be on your iPad accessing documents put there from anywhere (or anybody you allow) as well.


4. BlogsyBlogsy ($4.99) – If you blog on a number of different platforms, Blogsy may be the tool you need to get the word out on each and every one of them. With a file management system that is superior to any of the other blogging tools I have had the opportunity to try, this one is worth the purchase price if you frequently need to upload images (from places like the web, Flickr, Picasa and Google Image Search) or attach documents. I especially love that you can drag a URL into your post and it automagically becomes a hyperlink.


5. Photoshop ExpressAdobe Photoshop Express (Free) – Need to do a little work on an image for your latest post? With this app you can do all of the standard stuff like cropping, resizing and rotating but that isn’t all. Advanced editing features let you adjust your colors, apply filters or apply one of the many effects like Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow, and Soft Black and White. I am a little surprised it is free, but don’t let the price tag make you think less of the worth.


6. QuicklyticsQuicklytics ($1.99) – It doesn’t matter whether you are fueling your ego or looking to hone your marketing strategy, this app works with any sites you have set-up in Google Analytics. With this app it only takes a moment to pull up reports on the traffic to your blog, whether you are wanting to know the geographical locations you are successful in or you want to determine your best referring sites and the most visited pages. Knowing these kinds of statistics gives you the edge you need in order to improve and successfully reach a larger audience.


Notes: For additional information, check out the PadGadget Apps Tracker. Our tracker provides an easy way to constantly monitor the App Store to find the best iPad apps for you. If you loved these apps, be sure to check out our Weekly Series list of apps for the iPad.

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  • Eduardo Scoz

    Hi Jillian!

    I’m the developer for Quicklytics, great to hear you like and recommend the app! 

    • PG_Roberto

      Eduardo.  is a very good app!