Best Buy Sends Surveys Out – Imagines Apple HDTV

It’s no secret that many companies routinely send out surveys to customers testing the waters on potential new products and services, Best Buy included.

Usually these surveys don’t feature anything exciting and aren’t worth mentioning, but one recent survey from Best Buy happened to ask customers about the rumored Apple-branded television set, which Best Buy labels as an Apple HDTV.

According to the survey, Best Buy imagines that the Apple HDTV will be able to run iOS with iCloud integration, will be controllable with the iPhone and the iPad, and will run Netflix, YouTube, and Flickr, much like the Apple TV set-top box does now.

The survey also mentions an iSight camera (an older Apple brand) to be used with Skype (Facetime integration is probably a more likely scenario). Best Buy prices the 42 inch television set at $1,499, which is a bit more expensive than competitor Samsung’s 46 inch Smart TV.

So the question is, does Best Buy actually have information on the Apple iTV, or is it just making all of this up? The Verge, who first discovered the survey, speculates that Best Buy is guessing, based on the inclusion of iSight and Skype, and I’m inclined to agree, for the most part.

There’s no way Apple would skip Facetime in favor of Skype, or bother with using the iSight brand, but Best Buy’s survey could indeed have revealed inside information on the very existence of an Apple iTV, which thus far has not been confirmed.

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