Let’s retaliate? Apple’s massive lawsuit expansion against Samsung (Australia)

It’s been a rough week for Samsung in what appears to be an ever-expanding legal battle.  In addition to an investigation with anti-trust sentiment by the European Union, Apple has now increased the number of claims to 278 (22 patents and 10 devices).

The claims come in the Australian lawsuit that made headlines on 2011 when the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned for a short period of time. It is going to take some time to disseminate the nature of all 278 claims, but it is clear that many of the claims involve yet to be released devices.

The original suit involved only three patents. According to The Australian:

“Samsung lead barrister Neil Young SC said Apple had “enormously” expanded its patent bid which initially involved three patents of features in the Korean company’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.”

While the strength of Apple’s position is unclear, it certainly seems that Apple is upping the ante and creating a more difficult situation for both Samsung and the courts of Australia.

The Boston Globe got right to the heart of the matter about why such lawsuits often exist:

“Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. are engaged in a strategic war over patents in many countries as they try to gain market share.

The EU’s antitrust watchdog launched a formal investigation into whether Samsung is using lawsuits over key patents on 3G wireless technology to hinder competitors – including Apple.

The European Commission, which is acting as the EU’s antitrust enforcer, said it suspected Samsung of not giving other companies fair access to patents it holds on standardized 3G technology for mobile devices.”

As these situations unfold I am reminded of a warning my parents often gave me before playing in the woods. “If you see a hornets nest, don’t disturb it.” These behemoth companies are acting the parts of the clashing titans and Apple has gone on an aggressive offensive.

It’s quite possible that Apple is interested in both winning the suit and creating a mess of delays by expanding the suit to 22 patents and 278 claims. I’m going to go get some popcorn because the hornets’ nest has been disturbed.

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