CradleSlate iPad Bag – Carries Your iPad and a Whole Lot More

There are hundreds of iPad cases and bags on the market, with something out there for everyone.  Many of them are just “the same old thing” we all see everywhere we go, but once in a while we see an item that’s a little more unique and worth a second look.  Today’s iPad bag from CradleSlate is one of those items.

Perfect for the business professional, CradleSlate’s bag offers iPad owners a stylish way to protect and transport their tablet device.  The luxuriously designed two piece system includes an outer bag, as well as a removable inner sleeve which actually holds the iPad.

The bag itself is made from high quality cow hide leather and finished with a water resistant coating, while the inner sleeve is made of the same leather and a matching color nylon.  The inside of the bag is lined with an ultra-soft micro-fiber dark fabric and includes two snaps, one on each end, to attach the smaller iPad sleeve.  Like the bag, the sleeve is lined with the same dark fabric, but adds 3-mm of shock-absorbent padding to its sides in order to protect your iPad, iPad 2 or any other tablet device you might carry.  Another added benefit is the small inner lining at the top of the sleeve which comes together when it zipped and prevents your device from being scratched by the zipper.

The stitching on both items is nicely done and adds to the CradleSlate’s fashionable design.  An adjustable shoulder strap and double handles (all of which are removable) enhance the versatility by allowing users to carry the bag in several different ways.

I found the CradleSlate bag to be particularly well suited for women who appreciate larger handbags to carry what seems like a never ending supply of stuff.  The bag allows you to carry not only your iPad, but books, phone, pens and other accessories for daily use.  I was even able to fit my 13″ MacBook Pro (in its neoprene sleeve) into the bag along with several other items.

One thing I did find this bag to be missing was pockets.  When I carry a larger bag, I don’t like it when everything settles at the bottom requiring me to dig around and search for everything I need.  Instead I want to reach into pockets and easily find some of my more frequently used items.  A few key pockets would be a great addition to this bag in the future.

The CradleSlate comes in three color choices: Midnight Black with silver hardware, Virgin White with gold hardware and Cowboy Tanned (Brown) with bronze hardware.  These bags are currently available online at the CradleSlate company website for $250.



Note: Make sure you check bag tomorrow and enter our contest for a chance to win a Virgin White bag for yourself!

What I liked:  The CradleSlate bag is a high-end, quality product ideal for business professionals.  I liked the idea of ditching my handbag for an all-in-one bag to carry everything I needed.

What I didn’t like: I’ll admit than I’m an organizational freak and like the inside of my bag to be neat and orderly so I can find things when I need them.  The lack of internal pockets to store extra items like keys, sunglasses, pens, etc. was a negative for me.

To buy or not to buy: If you want great quality in an iPad bag and the $250 price tag does not scare you away, the CradleSlate is a really nice option.

  • Accessory Name:  CradleSlate Bag for iPad and iPad 2
  • Manufacturer:  CradleSlate
  • Price: $250
  • Score:

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    That’s a realy nice looking ipad bag for sure.