iPad and iPhone Popularity Lead to Higher Enterprise Mac Adoption

Enterprise Apple

Forrester Research’s annual Forrsights report was released last week identifying a new trend: consumerization. This shift in the way technology is being used could mean very good things for Apple in the corporate enterprise.

Consumerization is a term being coined by those wanting to draw a line between the way we use technology at home and then also in the workplace. It represents a new reality in which people want to carry a single smartphone and a single tablet, so much so that many of us are bringing our personal equipment to work and doing what we have to in order to make it work (usually without actual support from in-house IT departments). And it’s not just the geeks around the office either, everybody is starting to do it.

The result of this shift in mindset is that Apple is much more viable in the corporate world than ever before. It used to be that most people were familiar with Windows-based machines and the idea of something with the word Mac on it anywhere was intimidating. Now, more and more people have Mac hardware in their homes and Apple products in their pockets and purses. Apple enjoys greater brand loyalty than any other company out there so once you buy your first iPhone or iPad, chances are you’ll be hooked. Suddenly Apple is the platform people are becoming more familiar with and this may now translate into good business sense when it can be used at work as well.

Besides which, it’s a win-win situation if you can have your personal devices subsidized by the office and in turn they save money by not footing the entire bill.

Other results of the survey did indicate that the likelihood of using an Apple product did seem to increase in direct proportion to annual salary, with higher-paid executives sporting the Apple logo on their devices more than those who made less. While these results are meaningful there were no contrasting results to indicate what those other people were using instead –so it is just as likely that a large percentage of those without an iPhone or iPad are not holding a competing device either.

Nonetheless. this consumerization is something that all of the brands should keep a keen eye on because if they want to succeed in the retail market in the long term it may mean considering that they need to appeal to users with both corporate and personal needs in a single device.

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