Help Your Preschooler Learn in Oolly App – iPad App Review

Oolly AppIf there is one thing for certain, Oolly is the most enthusiastic and adorable little creature you have ever laid eyes on. Put Oolly App to good use by employing it as an educational tool and help your child to learn organizational skills while developing their fine motor control.

Instead of the usual touch-and-drag interface, Oolly App has your child use their fingers as virtual tweezers to pinch-and-move items into the correct locations.

By placing your child in familiar locations such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, it will help them to use their existing knowledge of where things are expected to belong in order to put each item back in place. If they have difficulty deciding where something should go, Oolly will happily give them a hint.

This app has a value-added feature for those of you trying to help your little one to be bilingual: all of the over 70 vocabulary words your child can learn within this app can be pronounced in English, German, French and Spanish!

Oolly App Screenshot

What I liked: When your child moves an item to the correct location there are celebratory noises and animations on screen. I think these kinds of rewards make children work hard at learning and getting things right.

What I didn’t like: In the bathroom level in particular it can be a little confusing as to where some items go if your home isn’t laid out quite the same. As an example, My daughter didn’t immediately understand that the toothbrush should be placed in the cup hanging on the wall above the sink.

To buy or not to buy: A lot of the content is still coming, but the four levels included right now are delightful and make this a good app to help you help your child learn.

  • App Name: Oolly App
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Education
  • Developer: Progressive Education
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:

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  • Ron

    Great App! I like it!