Biography App Helps you Take a Journey with History’s most Influential People

Biography - A Journey With History’s Most Influential PeopleAre you a history buff? Do you like reading overview style biographies of those individuals who helped to shape history? In Biography – A Journey With History’s Most Influential People you can take a visually-guided tour through over 70 of the most familiar faces from the past.

Whether your interest lies with philosophers, scientists, physicians, religious leaders, political leaders, artists or the world’s greatest composers, you will have the opportunity to learn a thing or two from their talents, inventions and discoveries.

The app opens with a gallery of head-shots with each one corresponding to the life story of that individual. Many of the pictures will be easy for you to recognize, with familiar faces like Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr. and William Shakespeare. A few likenesses are even depicted in stone like Augustus Caesar and Aristotle.

Each profile contains an introduction that gives a brief overview for each individual and moves into details on their early life, important work or lifetime accomplishments and then the major events from their life (including their death where applicable).

The layout of this app is very easy to follow and very well designed. The graphics are stunning and the interface is very responsive which makes this very easy to use.

While the content inside the app is brief and “just the facts”, this is also part of the appeal. Don’t load this one expecting anything editorial, but it will give you the overview you need to understand the effect each individual had on history.

Biography - A Journey With History’s Most Influential People Screenshot

What I liked: The selection of history’s most influential people was well chosen and provided a good variety to read and enjoy.

What I didn’t like: While the instructions for this app point to a way you can turn music on and off I wasn’t able to actually find any working sound within this app at all. I like a little audible feedback when I am navigating through an app like this and the lack of any noise made it lose a dimension for me.

To buy or not to buy: If you like the idea of a coffee-table style book in your iPad that gives you a guided tour of many of history’s highlights as they pertain to the influential people from the past then I think you will enjoy this app. The promise of more biographies being added soon adds to the value of your initial purchase price –though no mention was made as to whether those additional profiles would be included without any additional cost.

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