Another iPad 3 Rumor, Or is It? Leaked iPad 3 Part Apparently Real

Last July, Taiwanese website released pictures of a connector that was allegedly to be installed in a third generation iPad. It was one of the first reported leaks of the iPad 3. Apparently, the supplier who made the leaked part was none too happy and is suing the website. Why would someone be so upset about it unless the images were real?

The images are believed to be the dock connector and ribbon cable for the iPad 3. The second-generation iPad has a connector part labeled 1180, not 1259 and it is black instead of the white one seen in the leaked image.

While Apple is known for being tight-lipped when it comes to information it wants revealed publicly, rumored information and pictures of parts are regularly leaked. There are websites dedicated to it. In fact, the information about comes from MacRumors, a website dedicated to dishing the dirt on upcoming Apple products. It is strange that one supplier, not even Apple itself, would take such a hard position like this.

Because Apple works with so many parts suppliers, manufacturers and assembly plants, it is a wonder that even more information and images are not leaked ahead of the company’s announcements. The iPad maker should be happy that the world is so interested in what is to come. It is free advertisement and feeds the hype.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t care, I have an iPad2 but it will be up for eBay.
    All I want is nothing but Galaxy Note period!

  • MikeKelly

    Ohhhhh….ahhhhhh….. The dock connector and the ribbon cable!!! What will we see next, the AC plug?

  • iphone accessories

    LOL@MikeKelly I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we get a peek at a wire next