Electric Eggplant Does it Again, Second Middle School Confidential App a Must Have

The Middle School Confidential series of books is a big hit with the preteen age bracket. Recently, Electric Eggplant has worked to make the books available in digital format. The first book in the series, Be Confident in Who You Are was a five-star app. This sophomore release is even better than its predecessor. Is there any way to give a five-and-a-half star review?

Real Friends vs. the Other Kind is the name of the second in the Middle School Confidential series. It touches on friendships and how they can help or hurt, depending on which kind they are. Some people only befriend you in order to gain something in return. Some people give too much in a friendship and feel resentment later. Sometimes, friends hurt each other without meaning to and are stuck with the difficulty of patching things up. This book gives friendly help to middle school kids looking for some answers.

There are eight chapters in this book, each with a different issue that people face when dealing with friendships. Have you ever had a crush on someone, only to discover your friend dating that person after you confided your feelings? Read about what this group of friends experienced and how they dealt with it.


Each chapter starts with an issue and ends with advice. For example, in one chapter, a girl is being pressured by one group of friends to “dump” another friend that they don’t like. The story unfolds through the pages and wraps up at the end with a useful piece of advice, “Sometimes real friends pressure each other in ways that aren’t cool. When that happens, stand up for yourself.”

There are also a few quizzes to take. Think about how you really feel and answer truthfully. If you are honest with yourself, you may learn some good advice from the results.

Not everything can be solved in a comic book format, but this book doesn’t try to be the answer to every problem. More than anything, it is a way to remind kids that they are not alone and there are others going through the same thing.

Again, I found myself connecting with the content of this book on a deeper level than just what it could offer children between the ages of 11 and 14. I read myself into the pages, not just as a memory of when I was coming of age, but even relating to current friendships and how easy it is to get confused about their feelings.


What I liked: Everything! The stories were interesting and helpful to people of any age. The art is beautiful and the sound effects fit perfectly with each page.

What I didn’t like: Nothing! It is a great book.

To buy or not to buy: The entire Middle School Confidential series is a must-have for anyone with kids between the ages of 11 and 14.


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