Frequency for iPad: Your Personal Video Service

Frequency is a video aggregating site that compiles popular content from websites and turns them into personalized television-like channels that you can watch whenever you have a 3G or WiFi connection.

While there are no shortage of video aggregating apps in the App Store, Frequency combines both videos from social feeds and videos from websites in one easy-to-access place with a great layout that’s simple to navigate.

When first opening the app, it will ask for you to log in with Facebook or a Frequency account (Frequency was originally a website project that began last year), but don’t worry, you can also check out the app without needing to enter personal information up front.

From there, you can choose websites (aka channels) that you want to follow, and there are a lot of choices, including Reddit, National Geographic, Gizmodo, AP, TED, The Onion, Funny or Die, Lifehacker, Forbes, Food Network, and more. I’ve only mentioned a small number of the available channels. There’s also an option to follow trending topics on Twitter, which I thought was one of the neatest features in the app.

You can also select video categories, like comedy, cyber culture, health, food, lifestyle, and movies, among others, which will display website video feeds that fit into that category. For example, you’ll find The Onion and Funny or Die in the comedy section.

A bar at the top allows for easy navigation. You can select your highlights, which will show the best videos from topics you’re following, or you can tap on the individual websites that you’ve decided to follow to see an arrangement of the most recently uploaded videos. There’s also a tiled view with all of your chosen channels, and you can use swipe and scroll gestures to navigate on this page.

Overall, I was impressed with Frequency. I’ve used other options like, but I preferred the layout and the selection that Frequency has. There really is a ton of content that will keep you occupied for hours and hours.

What I liked: I appreciated that I didn’t need to make an account or sign in with Facebook to use the app, though connecting with your social networks does make for a richer experience. I also loved the huge amount of content that’s available in the app – there were no websites that I looked for and couldn’t find.

What I didn’t like: When I did connect to Facebook, Frequency gave itself permission to send me product information and video recommendations that I was not interested in, which prompted me to revoke its access after I was done reviewing the app. I didn’t like that videos started playing automatically when I tapped one of my channel buttons, even when I wasn’t on the same screen. This was, by far, the most irritating aspect of the app. I also kept getting errors – “Received an unexpected response from the server,” which limited the app’s functionality for me.

To buy or not to buy: This is a no brainer – Frequency is free to download and well worth your time. It’s a great time waster when you’re stuck somewhere boring, and it’s also perfect if you tend to watch a lot of videos online.

  • App Name: Frequency
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Developer: Frequency Networks
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

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  • Guest

    It really does keep an eye on the world for you… I also like the fact that the website and the ipad app are very similar and you can watch it on your tv…