Peek ‘n Play in The Year of the Dragon in 3D – iPad App Review

The Year of the Dragon in 3DHappy New Year! Usher in 2012 and celebrate with The Year of the Dragon in 3D, a storybook app that translates Oliver Chin’s wonderful children’s book into an interactive experience that you and your child can share.

Dominic the dragon has high expectations to live up to, with proud parents that rule the sea and sky while advising the Emperor. Unfortunately, the adventure he shares with his friends may not be something his parents approve of. Watch (and learn) as Dominic tries to find a compromise that makes everybody happy in the end.

This app may be a fun way for those strong and passionate Dragon-year babies (those born in 1916 ★ 1928 ★ 1940 ★ 1952 ★ 1964 ★ 1976 ★ 1988 ★ 2000 ★ 2012 — be them children, parents or grandparents) to share a story that embraces their Chinese zodiac characteristics through a beautiful series of illustrations and animations that breath life into the story, and make everyone excited for the other (promised) titles from the eventual 12-book series.

This app has a little something for children of all ages. For the younger audiences the interactive features are animated and goofy and will virtually guarantee a smile. For those a little older, the word-highlighting and ability to single out words and phrases, to hear them spoken aloud again, offers help for those learning to read.

This app embraces the new trend to give the feeling of 3D with the tilting of your device. It’s difficult to describe if you haven’t experienced it, but you can trust me when I say it really does add dimension to a story!

What I liked: The developer is a member of the Moms with Apps group that describes itself as “a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.” As a parent I can appreciate this philosophy and initiative and applaud the job well done with this app.

What I didn’t like: While I do enjoy the background music and would prefer not to turn it off (which can be done inside the settings for the app), it is a little bit loud versus the narrator’s voice and I found it too distracting.

To buy or not to buy: This is another solid app to come to us from Mobad Games and in my opinion is well worth the cost.

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