Best Buy Launches Remote Control iOS App for Rocketboost Devices

If you’ve purchased a Rocketboost-enabled home audio product from Best Buy, you will be happy to know that you can now use your computer or your iOS device as a remote control for Rocketboost products, thanks to the new Rocketboost Control app that the electronics giant released today.

Unfamiliar with Rocketboost? It’s Best Buy’s wireless audio streaming solution, available on Rocketfish and Insignia home theater equipment, including Rocketfish Speakers and headphones, and Insignia receivers, subwoofers, and connected TVs.

The new iOS app puts Best Buy’s Rocketboost on par with both Sonos and AirPlay wireless music systems, though it has a few limitations. You’ll need a Wireless Sender USB attachment to connect your Rocketboost devices with your computer, and for the moment, it looks like it only works with PCs. The iOS/PC combo leaves out both Mac and Android users, limiting the usefulness of the Rocketboost system.

To use the new remote control app, you will need to download the Windows-exclusive software and the iOS app on your Apple device. When you’ve done all of these things, you will be able to play audio on any Rocketboost-enabled speaker that is connected to your wireless network, from your iOS device, anywhere in your home.

The Rocketboost Control App is currently available as a free download in the App Store, and the PC app can be downloaded on the Rocketboost website. There’s no mention of when or if Mac compatibility might be added, and there was also no mention of a forthcoming Android app.

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