Waterfield Designs Launches Student-Friendly iPad Cases

San Francisco-based electronics case maker Waterfield Designs just announced the launch of the iPad Travel Express. Geared toward the on-the-go student and designed to withstand rough handling, this lightweight carrier will protect your iPad in style.

The iPad Travel Express is made from sturdy nylon with scratch-free lining. It snugly fits the first generation iPad and the iPad 2 with or without a Smart Cover.

If you happen to use the Apple Wireless keyboard, it fits perfectly into the main compartment and there are additional pockets for cables, adapter, cell phone, keys and more.

With the optional D-ring and durable strap, the iPad can be stylishly carried in a messenger bag style case. Students can also choose to remove the strap to function as a sleeve and keep the case in a backpack or other larger bag.  It comes in black with your choice of six different color stripes. The iPad Travel Express costs $69 and is available through the company’s website.

Waterfield Designs has also launched the iPad Wallet, a more compact, but no less functioning version of the iPad Travel Express. The Wallet is made from the same, sturdy nylon cover and scratch-free protective lining. It fits the iPad or iPad 2 with a Smart Cover. An Apple Wireless Keyboard can also fit in this handy case and there is an outside pocket for cables, cellphones and more.

The iPad wallet comes in six different colors and includes a durable strap that can turn the case into a convenient shoulder bag. It cost $79 and can be purchased from the company’s website.

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