iPad Still Leads Tablet Market, Kindle Fire Not Even Close


Amazon’s Kindle Fire may still be new, but if web traffic statistics are to be believed then Apple and their iPad have nothing to worry about. This is more than a theory given it is supported by the recent research study conducted by Chitika Insights that “analyzed the level of internet activity seen (based on number of ad impressions) by Kindle Fire, Playbook, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, and iPad between December 30th and January 9th, using a sample of hundreds of millions of impressions from the US and Canada.”

This report is bad news for the other major players in the tablet game as I expect they were hoping to come in a little higher than 1.8 (RIM PlayBook) and 2.4 (Amazon Kindle Fire) impressions per 100 iPad impressions. With that said though, there is good news for each of these manufacturers in that the use of tablet devices is surging and shows no sign of decreasing any time soon.

So when you consider the number of units sold (especially as those numbers pertain to the Kindle Fire) one has to wonder what the disconnect is between their retail success and lack of web traffic. It could be that they are just too new. It could be a usability problem that is preventing many of their users from getting on the web. It could also be as simple as users of the alternative tablets are doing other tasks more predominantly (such as reading books). No matter the reason it’s all gravy for Apple who has every reason to promote their product as the defacto tablet flagship and thus receive most of the public attention and continued development efforts (both on the web and in the App store).

The interesting results to watch will be in this same report following the 2012 holiday season once these apparent ‘bargain tablets’ have a chance to further saturate the market. During this next year, manufacturers like Amazon and RIM will have the opportunity to further engage their users who will no doubt become more experienced and seek to user their devices in more meaningful ways.

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