Apple Granted Patent for Apple TV Episodic TV (iTV?)

iTVWe’ve all been saying it for a while now and it was reinforced by the announcements at CES this year: it’s time to revolutionize television. This is why the news that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent relating to “a method of organizing episodic content such as TV shows on Apple TV.” is quite timely.

This patent reflects a customized user interface in which the menu could “correspond to television shows that have either been recorded from a broadcast or purchased from a content provider.”

Ever since we had a glimpse of what Steve Jobs had up his sleeve from biographer Walter Isaacson, we have been wondering what was meant by the comment that jobs had ‘cracked it’ (as it relates to the next generation of television). Jobs went on to promise that “No longer would users have to fiddle with complex remotes for DVD players and cable channels. It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine.” So now we all wait on the edges of our seats to learn exactly what that means!

Patently Apple

If this patent is a part of what is to come, it does give a few hints toward the content being well laid out and easy to navigate. Of course we’re all wondering if Siri will play a part and if the navigation will be verbal but that remains to be seen.

Either way, with the current Apple TV unable to record episodes of television broadcasts thus far, this patent may give a hint that this functionality is in the works. It would mean establishing relationships with existing television networks and forging a link to the iCloud for seamless streaming and syncing, but that seems like a natural progression given what we’ve seen from Apple as of late.

Of course the question mark is always going to be ‘how much will it cost’, but less of a question is that whatever Apple delivers will be unique and creative and likely a whole lot of exciting!

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