Ann Can’t Sleep Will Please Young Insomniacs – iPad app review

Ann Can’t Sleep is a kids book app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that pairs entertaining text with clever animation to tell the story of a little girl who just can’t settle down and go to bed.

Do your kids refuse to go to bed at night? Ann’s night time routine might look familiar to some of them. As Ann struggles to sleep she picks different toys, hoping that the next choice will be her ticket to dreamland. The animation shows why each of the various choices is keeping her awake.

The app’s UI is easy to navigate. When the user taps the text, the narrator reads it aloud. If you’re confused an digital hand comes in and shows you just what to do. Tapping the arrows turns the pages.

The dancing doll is too noisy, while the airplane overstimulates her imagination. Ann continues until she finds just the right toy to drift off to dream land.

Download Ann Can’t Sleep from the App Store from $2.99.

What I liked: This is a simple story that young readers will relate to. The app’s soundtrack went well with the colorful animation, and it may even help get a kid to go to bed and fall asleep.

What I didn’t like: The narrator’s impersonation of a child’s voice was not convincing.

To buy or not to buy: Although it is a rather short app, without a lot of built in bells and whistles, Ann Can’t Sleep will fit well into the bed time routine of many young children who just can’t seem to settle down when it’s time to say goodnight. It will hold up well to repeated readings.

  • App Name: Ann Can’t Sleep
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Books
  • Developer: April Peter
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score:

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