Samsung Demands to See Apple’s Contract with Qualcomm

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard news on the ongoing disputes between Apple and Samsung, which began back in April when Apple sued Samsung for copying the look and feel of the iPad and the iPhone.

Since then, the two have engaged in legal battles across the world, which have mostly been in Apple’s favor. In an effort to turn the tides and score a major victory of its own, Samsung has requested that Apple unveil the details of its contract with Qualcomm.

Apple buys the chipsets and radios in several of its iOS devices from Qualcomm, who also has a cross-licensing patent deal with Samsung. Apple has argued that it is covered by Qualcomm’s licenses when purchasing components for the iPad and the iPhone, while Samsung disagrees, believing that the Cupertino-based company should have to shell out additional money for Samsung’s patents.

One of Samsung’s central arguments has been that Apple is infringing on its patents that relate to chipset technology used in the iPhone and the iPad. “One of Apple’s primary defenses is that it is entitled to the use of the chipsets of at issue

“We need all agreements pursuant to which Qualcomm supplies or supplied ‘Qualcomm MDM6610’ chipsets to any person of entity and all documents that evidence, reflect, or refer to the use by Apple of Qualcomm chipsets in iPhones or iPads,” the court filing reads. “One of Apple’s primary defenses is that it is entitled to the use of the chipsets of at issue,” it adds.

In requesting the terms of Apple’s license with Qualcomm, Samsung is seeking to find a contractual flaw that might invalidate Apple’s argument. According to Samsung officials, if the company is successful at obtaining the agreement information, it will submit it to courts in Germany, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Korea, in an attempt to further its attack on Apple.

[via The Korea Times]

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