Is PrimeSense’s Technology what Apple Will Use for Its Rumored TV Set?

Rumored news of Apple creating a television set in the near future has been heating up the tech world. While there is no official information, plenty of media sources are talking about the possible size, included App Store compatibility, 3D imaging and motion control sensor.

There is a company that can accommodate this type of technology. PrimeSense, coupled with Apple’s current technology, including AirPlay and Siri, could potentially produce the first generation iTV.

PrimeSense was on hand at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and demonstrated their smart television solution capabilities (see second video below). While still in its infancy stages, the demonstration showed that, using motion sensors, users were able to interact with the television set while using a Netflix application. Users are able to swipe their hand to the left or right to scroll through movie lists. By using certain hand gestures, a movie can be selected and played.

This type of technology may be what we will be seeing in Apple’s TV set. Incorporating motion and gesture sensors with a Siri-like voice recognition program would create an interactive experience like none other. From the first video below, you can see what PrimeSense hopes to accomplish. Apple’s technology already works in similar ways in conjunction with AirPlay enabled devices. Using an iPad, users can access their entire music library, stream videos and play mirrored video games with AirPlay-compatible devices like Apple TV 2. The next step would just be to remove the iPad and replace it with one’s body.

Even if Apple does not collaborate with PrimeSense to create a motion sensor TV set, the technology exists and it is only a matter of time before the tech giant finds a way to incorporate it into the next big thing.

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