Matias Releases One Keyboard To Rule Them All

Wired recently posted a product review of an interesting keyboard from Matias. This series of full-sized Bluetooth keyboards will allow users to switch between computer and iPad, iPhone or other mobile device with the push of a button.

The keyboards come in four different flavors, depending on your needs, the Standard One, The Blackberry One, The Slim One and the Tactile One. Each keyboard allows users to switch between Bluetooth connections with one simple click. The function keys act as normal F keys for computer use, but double as iPhone or iPad controls for brightness, navigation, volume and audio track selection.

The Standard One and the Tactile One have a convenient spot carved out for setting your iPhone, while the Slim One and Blackberry One come with a stand. The keyboards do not require batteries, so there is no need to worry about running out of juice. The cable that connects the keyboard to the computer powers it.

For the fast-moving computer and mobile device-using professional, this multiple Bluetooth connector will be a huge time saver.

All keyboards are available for either Mac or PC and can be purchased from the company’s website. The price ranges anywhere from $79.95 to $199.95

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