iPad 3 Rumor of the Day: Retina Display, Quad-Core Processor, and LTE Support

With iPad 3 rumors flying left and right these days, we thought we’d give you a recap of the current gossip, plus some new information from Bloomberg.

We’ve already heard that the iPad is indeed in production, and that it will have a retina display with twice the resolution of the current iPad, as well as a potential quad-core A6 processor. The rumors are now including LTE access, which is surprising because Apple held off from adding LTE to the iPhone 4S.

According to Bloomberg, the comprehensive information on the next generation iPad comes from three people who are familiar with the product. On its Twitter account, Bloomberg stated that it was “more than just a rumor.”

While we’ve heard most of this information before, it’s mostly come from more dubious sources like Digitimes. Bloomberg is certainly more reputable, giving a little more credence to the high-res display, quad-core processor, and LTE rumors.

Bloomberg’s news also includes a release date for the tablet – March – which is completely in line with Apple’s typical release cycle.

Why is LTE in the iPad before the iPhone? Well, to tempt iPad 2 owners into upgrading, and because the tablet has a larger, more advanced battery that is able to compensate for the large amount of power that LTE radios require. Which, by the way, is why it was infeasible for the iPhone 4S to contain LTE. Apple likes to have a solid battery life in its devices, and battery technology hasn’t quite caught up to LTE requirements, meaning the iPhone 4S battery simply would have drained too fast.

The iPad 3, however, is rumored to have a better battery, which means that it can likely handle the increased power demand. All in all, these are probably the most trustworthy rumors that have come out so far, and we may see several of these features in the iPad 3.

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