Apple’s New Patent Targets New 3D GUI for iOS Devices

Now let’s be honest, Apple ‘paves the way’ in most modern technology, so to learn that the multinational consumer electronics giant is ‘paving the way for a new 3D GUI for iOS devices’ doesn’t really come as a surprise.

The news was launched on January 12, 2012, when, according to Patently Apple, “The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals an exciting new 3D GUI for iOS mobile devices.”

The new user interface will, Patently Apple inform us, “work with proximity sensor arrays and will respond to hovering gestures.”

Although this is not the first time we have been informed about Apple working on advanced 3D GUI projects with “hovering gestures”. Just short of a year ago, a report published by Patently Apple revealed that Apple was considering new ‘hovering capabilities’ for future iOS displays. In this patent it was suggested that a “capacitive sensor array could be driven with electrical signals, to generate electric fields that extend outward from the sensor array through a touch surface to detect a touch on the touch surface or an object hovering over the touch surface of a touch screen device, for example.”

This first project involving Apple working on a 3D GUI for iOS devices was rapidly followed by news of Apple developing multifunctional 3D widgets. These ‘next generation’ 3D widgets, Patently Apple proudly stated, will “provide different features, attributes and/or distinct functionality depending on which side of the widget you click on”.

Although Apple didn’t stop at enabling users to lift and rotate 3D widgets to expose various functions and therefore saving users valuable time and money, as we have learnt from this week’s announcement by the US Patent & Trademark Office of Apple’s patent application to launch an exciting new 3D GUI for iOS mobile devices – Well I did say that there was nothing new to learn about Apple ‘paving the way’ in just about any field of electronics.

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