Meet Bob the Builder in Muck’s Train to Trouble – iPad Game Review

Bob The Builder: Muck's Train To TroubleIf you are a parent with a child under the age of 8, Bob the Builder is a character you will already be familiar with. This app brings an episode of the familiar television series to life as an interactive book.

Join Bob and his good friends Muck, Scratch and Scoop as they build a train ride at the Dinosaur Fun Park. The story itself is a learning opportunity when one of the friends is taught a valuable lesson when they try to solve a problem without asking for help first.

Reading the story itself is enjoyable with spirited narration and lots of interactive features to play with on every page.

Fans of the show will love the animated clips that are from the original Bob the Builder episode that this app was based upon.

For those children who love the arts and crafts in every app there is a painting feature that lets you color in still images of all your favorite characters.

Finally, a seek-and-find game rounds out the offering in this app by allowing your child to find their favorite characters hidden within the amusement park image.

What I liked: The app is very easy to work with and has a very intuitive interface. This is nice when small children are the target audience because they really love to work with apps independently.

What I didn’t like: The text on each page is written in white which is not a very high contrast against the backgrounds and can be hard for children to see, especially those that are learning to read and wanting to follow along.

To buy or not to buy: This app has all of the quality and content found in the Bob the Builder series and would be enjoyable for anybody who already loves the characters.


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    I can’t seem to download this app for my iPad it doesn’t let me it’s very annoying please advise