iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to Feature ‘Graphics Beast’?

Imagination Technologies, the company behind the graphics processing units (GPU) in Apple’s mobile devices, announced a new PowerVR Series6 GPU core family at CES on Tuesday. The PowerVR G6200 and the G6400 GPU IP cores are said to deliver 20 times more graphic power than current models, creating a new benchmark for high performance with low power consumption.

Since Apple is an Imagination Technologies partner, the next generation iPad could be 20 times more powerful, if the technology is part of the upcoming A6 quad-core processor.

In fact, Apple is more than just a partner. The Cupertino-based company owns a 9.5 percent stake in Imagination Technologies, fueling the rumors that the new processor will indeed make its way into Apple products.

The leap in power from the first generation iPad to the iPad 2 was significant, but if Apple’s next mobile processor features the new Imagination Technologies GPU, the improvement will be off the charts. For the record, the GPU in the iPad 2 was already 73 percent faster than the one featured in the original iPad.

Imagination Technologies’ new GPUs come in two flavors, the G6200 featuring two compute clusters, as well as the G6400 which features four. The chips are designed for smartphones, tablets, computers, cars, televisions, and more. Imagination says that the Series6 PowerVR Rogue architecture will allow for ultra-realistic gaming and more graphically-intensive applications.

According to Apple Insider, the A6 chip that is rumored to be in the third-generation iPad could indeed have a Series6 GPU, though timing wise, it will be a tight squeeze for Apple to get the processors in the iPad 3.

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