Confirmed: Apple Mini-Stores Will Come to Target

Rejoice, shoppers! It turns out that 2012 is going to be a very good year for fans of Apple and Target. Our earlier report is now confirmed: Apple mini-stores are coming to 25 Target locations. Once the Apple mini-stores open, consumers who are lucky enough to live near one of the Targets that houses a mini-store will find special displays of Apple merchandise.

Although separate, the announcement was made concurrently with “the Shops at Target,” which will feature high-end brands such as such as Miami’s The Webster and San Francisco’s The Candy Store that will be sold in Target stores and on its website for a six-week period beginning this May.

Though details of just what these special displays will comprise have yet to be released, Apple already has mini-stores in over 600 Best Buy retail locations. Perhaps this store-within-a-store model will be the blueprint for the Target mini-store. If so, consumers can expect to see the area staffed by Apple Solution Consultants and to have the opportunity to purchase a Mac, not just the iOS devices that the retailer currently sells.

Were the Apple mini-stores to expand to most Target stores, the change could be very convenient for shoppers to have access to an Apple employee without making a special trip to an Apple retail store.

[via Reuters]

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