Travel in Style with diFeltro Fold Italian bag for iPad – An Approved Kickstarter Project

Form meet function in the diFeltro Fold, a well-turned out bag for the iPad that upholds Apple’s strong design aesthetic. The bag has recently met its Kickstarter funding goal and will go into production within the month.

Behind this good-looking bag are designer Colleen Beckett, architect Andrea Varutti, and  web strategist Francesco Benvenuto. This trio has created a unisex bag that is “nice enough to bring to meetings, but not too fancy,” and will protect an iPad without compromising appearances.

The diFeltro Fold is available in four shades: Heathery Grey, Fashion Fuchsia, London Smoke, and Black Night. There is also a matching iPhone sleeve, the diFeltro Pocket, which attaches to the diFeltro Fold, and even a DiFeltro belt available for purchase. (Do us all a favor and don’t sport all three of these lovely items with the same outfit — that might be a little much.)

Although all of the diFeltro accessories are designed in the US, they are made in Italy out of German wool. Wool felt is naturally shock absorbant, and diFeltro’s is coated to be water resistant, so it is a logical choice as an iPad case material.

The name “Fold” isn’t just a moniker, it’s a description of how the bag is designed. The Fold is cut from one piece of wool felt into which an iPad sleeve, interior pocket, leather pen / pencil holder, and small magnetic front pocket are fashioned.

Since the project has already reached its funding goal, anyone who pledges through Kickstarter will be pre-ordering a diFeltro Fold. Backers who pledge $150 will receive a diFeltro fold. A pledge of $60 will earn you a belt, and for $30 you will receive the Pocket. Anyone who pledges $233 will receive all three items.

Interested backers still have a little time to support the project, which ends on Tuesday January 31, 2012. The group expects to ship its first 50 accessories by February 2012.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite