Targus iNotebook Sends Handwritten Notes Straight to Your iPad

Despite the allure of taking notes on an iPad, it’s hard to beat the convenience of a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. Which is why, of the many accessories being shown off to techies at CES, it’s the Targus iNotebook, with its promise to send handwritten notes directly to a user’s iPad, that caught our eye. Although still just a prototype, when the iNotebook is released for sale it will likely appeal to the many iPad owners who have never embraced the stylus for day-to-day tasks.

The iNotebook’s magic is in the pen and its handy Bluetooth transmitter. This nifty accessory will work with any kind of paper. Amazingly, iNotebook users can scrawl notes on the back of an old envelope or even a cocktail napkin, which the transmitter picks up thanks to an infrared sensor, then retrieve their ramblings, which the transmitter sends to the iPad via Bluetooth.

The iNotebook requires the use of an app which allows the user to edit their notes. According to CNET, the app doesn’t include optical recognition, so neatness still counts if you want to read what you wrote. While the writing is transmitted in real time, the iPad doesn’t have to be with the user for the iNotebook to work since the sensor has some storage capacity and can be synced with the iPad at the user’s convenience.

At present Targus plans to sell the iNotebook kitted out with a case that holds a notepad, along with the pen and transmitter for about $150. The final version of this intriguing gadget could be available for purchase by consumers as early as mid-2012.

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