Popular Notes App Penultimate Adds Evernote and Dropbox Support

Since its release in 2010, Penultimate has been one of the most popular note taking apps, due to its clean interface, lag-free interactions, and pleasing writing experience. In fact, Penultimate is still my note taking app of choice, despite the more fully featured apps that exist, because it’s the easiest and most hassle free to use.

Penultimate received a major update today, adding much-needed Dropbox and Evernote support that allows users to upload their handwritten notebooks to the cloud.

If you’re unfamiliar with Penultimate, it is a note taking app that allows you to enter notes with a finger or with a stylus, largely replacing paper once you get skilled with stylus note taking. It’s great for jotting down short lists, for taking notes during a meeting, and for taking complex notes in the classroom.

Many note taking and productivity applications nowadays include Dropbox support, since it’s become such an integral part of our lives. I don’t go a day without using Dropbox, and being able to share notes with the service makes Penultimate an even more useful app.

With the new Dropbox and Evernote integration, Penultimate users can send individual pages or entire notebooks to share and back them up on multiple computers and devices. Existing notebook files can be imported as well, meaning you and your classmates can easily exchange notes to share ideas. Notes can be shared in their native format, or as PDFs for those who might not use the Penultimate app.

Penultimate also creates an automatic Dropbox backup of your files, preventing you from losing any important content should something happen to your iPad or computer.

Evernote integration works in a similar way. Evernote users can send their Penultimate notes to the service. Penultimate’s optimized output ensures that Evernote users will be able to easily find their notes at any time. Smart handling of document replacement is available for both Dropbox and Evernote, which allows users to either send updated versions of the same notebook, or replace them, instead of adding a new document.

Penultimate’s award winning note taking app can currently be downloaded in the App Store at the price of $0.99.


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