IBM Study Shows iPhone and iPad Usage Drove Mobile Online Shopping over Holiday

IBMIBM had a lot to say about mobile online shopping trends as part of their Smarter Commerce initiative. According to the IBM Benchmark December holiday report mobile shopping doubled in 2011 with consumer spending increasing by 7.5 percent over the same period last year.

The report also identified that the most common mobile device used was Apple’s iPhone, which represented 5.2% of the total online sessions recorded. Apple’s iPad was a close second at 4.3% with Android-based devices coming in third at 4.1%. This is very exciting news for Apple when you consider their combined dominance is 9.5% which represents more than double that of Android.

Even those people who didn’t purchase were doing their research and considering their options while visiting online stores using their mobile devices. With 14.6 percent of the online sessions on retailers web sites being generated from a mobile device this shows a significant trend and increase in mobile use when the rate was just 5.6 percent over this same period in 2010.


The Chief Strategy Officer of IBM Smarter Commerce, John Squire, noted that “This past December consumers remained committed to finding the best online deals whether through their PC or mobile device,” going on to conclude that “by employing a smarter approach to commerce, many retailers were successful in helping to connect their customers with the best deals from anywhere and at any time, even on Christmas Day where online shopping grew by 16.4 percent over 2010.”

The good news for those stores trying to attract consumers is that growth was seen across all sectors including department stores, home goods, apparel as well as health and beauty with all areas reporting increases of 15.6% to 18%.

Retailers of all sizes and types should be paying close attention to these kinds of reports. Not only do these results represent a need for continued investment into their online presence and offerings but optimizations should be made for positive experiences when using mobile devices.

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