GameLoft Joins the Free Game Trend, Urban Crime Available Soon

Free-to-play and “freemium” games are all the rage these days. Developers have quickly learned that they can make more money by offering apps for free and then sucking you in by giving options to upgrade or purchase more items with real cash from within the game.

Some developers are even going so far as to change their entire game from a premium price to “freemium.” Gameloft has picked up on this trend and is set to release their newest installment of drive-and-shoot games with the free-to-play Urban Crime.

Urban Crime is nearly identical to Gameloft’s Gangsgtar franchise, which is not entirely unlike Grand Theft Auto. The game centers on gang wars on the streets of Miami, Florida and has players following missions that will ensure their gang wins.

Gameloft knows what players want and offers it in a mobile format for a reasonable price. Reasonable just got better. Pocketgamer just posted an update to the anticipated Urban Crime release with a report that New Zealand already has access to the free-to-play game. Meaning that the U.S. and UK version should be available today. At the moment, the US still does not offer the game, but it will only be a matter of time before players will be able to bash the heads in of unsuspecting rival gang members and racking up credit debt with bigger gun upgrades.

From the video below, it looks like players will have complete access to the game, but will be able to spend their real cash on better weapons, cuter shirts, and other upgrades that seem inexpensive at first, but will add up quickly.

The universal game is set to release today, January 11. Check in regularly to seen when Urban Crime will hit the streets in your neighborhood.

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