Amazon Releases iPad Kindle Store Web App – Makes Shopping Easier

Acquiring Kindle books on the iPad has never been an enjoyable process, since Apple and Amazon did not come to an agreement about purchasing Amazon books within the native iPad app.

Apple demanded that Amazon sell books through the in-app purchasing system, prompting Amazon to develop its Kindle Cloud Reader web app, which was an HTML-5 based web application designed to run within Safari. While iPad owners could use the Cloud Reader to access the Kindle Store, there was no standalone web app to make purchases – until now.

Amazon has released a new touch-optimized version of the Kindle online store, which is meant to be used on the iPad. The app is designed to accommodate users who like to use the native iPad app instead of the Cloud Reader, but still need access to the Kindle Store.

I loaded up Amazon’s new web app on my iPad, and browsing through books with touch-optimization is a pleasant experience, with smooth scrolling and reasonably sized buttons for browsing. I’m used to making Amazon purchases on the website with my laptop (I never used the Kindle Cloud Reader), but this new interface may just convince me to switch.

To add the new Kindle Store web app to your iPad, navigate to the page, and tap the arrow next to the address bar. It’ll give you an option to place the link on your home screen, which will create an icon and everything. It’s simple to set up, and a breeze to use.

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