Vizio Challenges Apple’s TV with Announcement at CES

Vizio Stream PlayerThe announcements at CES are always exciting and the release of the VIZIO Stream Player is no disappointment. It appears that VIZIO is getting serious about television and joining the ranks with a Google TV powered set-top box.

Connecting to any TV via HDMI, this little hardware device harnesses VIZIO Internet Apps Plus and can be controlled by the coolest Bluetooth® universal remote featuring a touchpad control and a QWERTY keyboard on the flip-side.

One of the benefits of a set-top box like this is you get the benefit of Android apps while also being able to use Google’s Chrome browser on your television screen. Some people wonder why you would want to surf the Internet on your television but you should first consider the resources that are available that you could be navigating to and enjoying with a device like this.

VIZIO is one of the key players at CES this year with a series of exciting announcements including an exciting new All-In-One PC that has a sleek and sexy look that many say rivals the beauty of Apple’s iMac. A new CinemaWide HDTV SmartTV, a striking 10″ tablet, a home theater sound bar that promises to deliver high quality and impressive sound for all of your living room entertainment round out the product offering. That doesn’t even begin to address their new gadget-style accessories that will peak the interest of any good geek out there, including a dual-band wireless HD router, 3D glasses and more!

Unfortunately pricing hasn’t been announced for any of these items and there are no solid release dates other than to say that we can expect them very soon.

With rumors in the works about what Apple may be doing next with their TV product offering I would guess that they are closely watching the consumer reaction to this and other similar announcements coming out of CES this week.

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  • Tim

    There’s nothing innovative about this.  It has the standard, bloated remote with the addition of a track pad to further cramp it and a keyboard on the back?  Why?  Dear, God, why haven’t they been able to improve on the TV remote interface in the past 30 years?  The rest of the features are “so what” features.  Where’s anything new and innovative?  Where?  Bueller?  Bueller?