Relive The Magic Of King Kong With This Fantastically Illustrated Interactive Book

Kong: King of Skull Island was a prequel book to the classic story of King Kong, written by Brad Strickland and illustrated by Joe DiVito. The 2004 novel has been interpreted into a unique and beautiful interactive book for lovers of the story to enjoy.

After downloading the app, it will take an additional five minutes or so to upload the entire contents, so have patience. The book opens with a movie-style trailer that will pull readers in immediately. The images included with the book strike the imagination.


Each page is read as a strip of paper that scrolls upward while the image in the background remains unmoving. Readers can hide the text and view the illustrations unencumbered. Additionally, there is a full gallery of original artwork by Joe DeVito that can be accessed on each page, or from the back of the book.

The story is similar to the classic 1933 story of the giant ape and the imagery by DeVito offers the same feeling as the film did when it first came out. There are no over-the-top digital effects, just a beautifully illustrated tale of the King of Skull Island.


What I liked: The interactive imagery brings readers closer to the story and unlocks one’s imagination.

What I didn’t like: It is a bit of a space hog for an app that is images and text. While I appreciate the amazing movie-style opening sequence, it is not necessary to appreciate the whole book.

To buy or not to buy: Absolutely. The price is just right, the story is dramatic and fun, and the illustrations capture the feel of the 1933 classic.


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