OnLive Brings Microsoft Office to the iPad

OnLive, known for its cloud-based video game streaming program, has managed to figure out a way to use the cloud to bring Windows 7 to the iPad, with its new OnLive Desktop App.

With the app, iPad owners can access and use a fully functioning Windows machine and desktop, which comes equipped with Microsoft Office productivity applications like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

Like OnLive’s streaming games, the applications are not processed on the iPad itself, but instead, are used through the cloud with no delays. You won’t be able to tell that Windows 7 isn’t actually installed on your iPad, and it will provide the experience of working on a Windows PC right on the tablet.

OnLive is also adding a cloud-based browser to the bundle, which it says will render web pages significantly faster than the iPad’s built-in browser. Since OnLive is able to stream system intensive games with no problem, high-functioning Office software and a fast browser are products the company is able to provide without issues.

The OnLive Desktop App is free to download, and it will come with 2GB of storage for free. An extra $10 will net you 50GB. The app will only be available for the iPad at launch, the company says it does have plans to include Android devices, Macs, PCs, and televisions. OnLive Desktop is supposed to launch on Thursday, and will be free to download in the App Store.


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    Looks like I will be upgrading to Windows 7 now. Although editing and inputting data to a spreadsheet may be tricky using an iPad.