Comcast’s AnyPlay Brings Live TV to iPad Users

Comcast has a new addition to its Xfinity TV app – the AnyPlay set top box. With AnyPlay, Xfinity users can watch live TV on the Apple iPad, anywhere in the home.

With the app, TV watchers can view a program on the tablet while someone else watches a different show on another TV. With AnyPlay, Comcast customers can choose and control what, where, and how they watch by turning the iPad into a traditional TV screen.

AnyPlay includes the channels that are included with a linear channel subscription, and it works like any other set top box in the home. However, instead of delivering an incoming channel lineup to the television, it delivers it to the WiFi router of a home network. The router is able to distribute the signal to the iPad over WiFi, allowing the Xfinity app to stream live TV shows as long as your tablet is within range of the router.

Comcast’s AnyPlay is currently available for free to Xfinity HD Triple Play customers in the areas of Denver and Nashville. Comcast is planning to add additional markets over the next few months. While you wait for access to live TV, you can still use the Xfinity app to watch over 8,000 hours of On Demand movies and TV shows.

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  • Bob Smith

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