Ion Audio Releases Two New iCade Controllers

Ion Audio, the company best known for the iCade, a retro-styled iPad dock and arcade controller, has announced two new game controllers at CES 2012.

The iCade Core is a desktop unit compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and the iCade Mobile is a handheld controller that is designed for use with the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Ion’s iCade Core is a compact, streamlined version of the original iCade arcade cabinet. It is a desktop unit that features the same joystick and buttons that are perfect for arcade-style gaming. The iCade Core has a specially designed cradle to ensure safe loading and unloading of the iPad, while providing a secure for intense gaming sessions. The cradle swivels so both landscape and portrait gaming is an option, and the controls connect to the iPad using Bluetooth. Just pop in the iPad, select a compatible app, and get ready for an amazing gaming experience.

The iCade Mobile is a handheld portable game controller with a classic d-pad and four button configuration. It’s the first serious handheld gaming controller for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it’s perfect for combat games, racing games, and adventure games. While a touch screen is okay, nothing beats real, tactile buttons. With the iCade Mobile’s swiveling cradle, games can be played in both portrait and landscape mode. The iCade Mobile is designed to work with both classic and modern games, and gives the best possible mobile gaming experience.

Both the iCade Core and the iCade Mobile are expected to be available during the second quarter of 2012. The iCade Mobile will retail for $99, and the iCade Core’s price has yet to be announced. For more information on these products, visit the Ion Audio website.

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    The icade mobile looks very cumbersome. I think I’ll stick with my icontrolpad.