Griffin Introduces the Twenty – An AirPlay Ready Amp That Works with Any Speaker System

Practically every company that has anything to do with the electronics industry is revealing new gear at CES this week, and there’s a lot of amazing stuff being introduced.

Griffin, known for its mobile accessories, has announced the Twenty, an amp that is designed to pair with the AirPort Express to play audio into any speaker.

Apple’s AirPort Express is a compact wireless base station that is designed to play music from your iTunes library through to a compatible speaker or stereo in any room of your house. The Twenty works in conjunction with the AirPort Express to deliver pure digital audio from the device to any unpowered speakers. Meaning you don’t have to replace your current audio system with one that supports AirPlay, or go through the hassle of configuring the AirPort Express to work with other amplifiers. Plus you can use Spotify, Pandora, and other AirPlay-enabled apps with the Twenty.

The AirPort Express tiny, it’s ultra convenient, and it has that slick Apple design that we’re all so fond of. In fact, it looks just like a MacBook charger. Griffin’s Twenty is uses the same white-and-aluminum color scheme, so the whole amp and base station setup looks great.

As its name implies, Griffin’s Twenty delivers 20 watts per channel of 2.1 audio. The AirPort Express plugs directly into the unit, so you only need one outlet to power both devices. After it’s hooked up, you can stream audio from a Mac or iOS device to the AirPort using AirPlay, which then passes into the Twenty and to your speakers.

The Griffin Twenty, which is currently still a prototype, will be released later this year, at a yet undisclosed price.

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