Rock Out to your Favorite Tunes while Scrub-a-Dub Dubbing

The creators of the award-winning iGrill, iDevices Inc., will be unveiling the next in their line of accessories for Apple gadgets, the iShower. Get your rubber ducky and your loofa ready for some serious shower fun.

The iShower is a water resistant, Bluetooth enabled speaker that plays music from all Apple and Android devices. The speakers can be mounted in the shower, tied to a yacht, or even rested precariously on the side of a blow-up floatation device.  Not really. The iShower can’t be fully immersed in water. It’s just resistant to it.

IDevices, Inc. will be showing off the iShower at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The iShower can remember up to five Bluetooth pairings so it can be moved around and connected with a variety of mobile gadgets in multiple “aqua-centric environments” that would otherwise be harmful to their device. It has a 200-foot range, a 15-hour battery life using three AA batteries and can be mounted and detached easily for mobility.

The iShower can be preordered from the company’s website for $99 and will ship in March of 2012. If you are planning on attending the CES and want to check out the iShower, grab your robe and towel and head to the iDevices Booth #3826 (North Hall) in the iLounge Pavilion.

Credit: Maxim / Zoe McConnell

According to the company’s press release, Maxim’s “Hometown Hottie” Mayra Tinajero will be at the iDevices booth all week long, to help promote and showcase the new product.

Don’t expect her to be taking a shower though. It’s not that kind of show. The Adult Entertainment Expo will be held the following weekend this year.

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