Onkyo’s iOnly Speakers Get Praise From CNET

Onkyo’s new line of speakers for the iPad, iPhone and iPod, the iOnly series, received a great review from CNET’s Steve Guttenberg. The classy audio accessories are more than just a pretty face.

The SBX-300, also called iOnly Bass, uses Onkyo’s high-end filtering system to bring an optimum sound system to your mobile device.

From the company’s spec sheet:

The iOnly Bass includes engineering features found in Onkyo’s subwoofer range, two reflex woofer ducts in the rear add a layer of resonant bass. Low-frequency sound is further enhanced with the unit’s Super Bass booster system. Digital amplifier circuitry and a pair of full-range speakers ensure pristine playback of your music library.

Audio gadget reviewer Steve Guttenberg says that the iOnly speakers performed well at high volume, something that other portable speaker systems usually score poorly at. He rates the system as “above par for an iPod speaker,” pointing out that audio sounds good from close up and far away.

The iOnly SBX-300 (Bass) measures 17.7×6.9×5.2 and weighs 7.7 pounds. It has black cloth speaker grills, brushed aluminum base and handle and retractable dock. It can be purchased from the company’s website and costs $249.

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