Movl SwipeIt – Stream iOS and Android Content to Samsung Smart TVs

Movl SwipeIt is an app that is designed to allow users to stream content from an iOS or Android based phone or tablet to the 2011 Samsung Smart TVs. Using WiFi, you can share content from mobile devices on the TV – send photos and videos from the app to see everything on the big screen. Sounds a bit like Apple’s Airplay, right?

The system doesn’t require a complicated setup. Users launch the app on the TV, and then log into the app on a mobile device with the TV code to start the sharing process with one or more people.

SwipeIt’s name comes into play through the app’s functionality. To get the content onto the TV, you swipe upwards on your phone or tablet screen, sending photos and videos to your Samsung television.

The SwipeIt app is designed by Movl, a mobile app company that established a relationship with Samsung after winning first place in Samsung’s Smart TV apps competition last year with the WeDraw app. The company also designed the Movl Connect Platform to help other developers create apps for the Smart TV.


Movl SwipeIt began rolling out on internet-connected TVs last week, and according to some sources, Samsung is planning an announcement of the software at CES. While the SwipeIt app is currently available in the Android Marketplace and the Samsung Apps page, it is unclear when and if an iOS version is coming.

Samsung’s Korean page does make mention of an iOS app, and Movl says that an iOS version has already been submitted to the App Store and is pending approval, but there is no official word on the status of the app from Samsung.

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