Popular Bluetooth Mobile Game Controller Gametel Comes to iOS

Fructel wowed the smartphone market a few months back by launching a Bluetooth enabled controller that turns Android-supported mobile devices into a game pad. Today, the company announced the release of an iOS compatible version of Gametel for the millions of iPhone/iPod touch and iPad users that were left out of the initial launch.

The controller comes with a D-pad and four buttons and basically looks like the bottom half of a Nintendo DS or other mobile game console. It attaches to an iPhone or iPad and uses Bluetooth to connect to the device. The battery lasts for up to nine hours of non-stop gameplay.

The Gametel is compatible with the entire iCADE suite, including Missle Commander, Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, Super Breakout Lunar Landing and Warlords. Additionally, popular iOS games like Gravity, Silverfish, Super Crossfire HD, and Terra Noctis can be played using the Gametel.

Fructel’s CEO, Bo Nyman, says, ““Gametel has proved popular among Android users but we’re pleased to bring support for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Now users can experience even more immersive gameplay using the Gametel’s console-style controls – freeing the touchscreen from fingers.”

The Gametel controller is currently only available in Europe, but can be pre-ordered from Amazon UK for £49.99 (approximately $77 U.S.).

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