Koala Mount – A Low Cost, Low Impact iPad Wall Dock

There are many wall mounting solutions available for your iPad, but several are cost-prohibitive or difficult to install, and all of them will do damage to your walls.

For those of you who live in apartments or are looking for a more simple solution to mount your iPad on the wall, there’s the Koala Mount, which is a low-cost prototype mount currently up for funding on Kickstarter.com.

The Koala Mount uses simple brackets and 3M adhesive Command strips to attach the brackets to the wall. The strips can hold up to five pounds each, providing a solid hold for the iPad and iPad 2, both of which weigh less than two pounds. Your iPad rests safely in the brackets, and can be removed any time. The adhesive is available for a wide variety of surfaces, so your iPad can be mounted in the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, or anywhere else.

This is a cheap solution, which is good for those of us who are prohibited from placing too many holes in the walls, or for people who simply prefer to have a hassle-free installation. It literally takes just a few minutes to prepare the walls, and since Command strips are so readily available and inexpensive, you can move your iPad on a whim or install multiple Koala Mounts.

The Koala Mount can accommodate a Smart Cover or another thin iPad case, so you don’t need to remove your iPad from its cover in order to place it on the wall. Of course, we are talking adhesive strips, which can be notoriously unreliable if they aren’t properly installed.

Most mounting solutions have negative aspects, and the Koala Mount is no different. I would certainly hesitate to leave my iPad unattended in an adhesive-based mount in an area where it could fall to a wood or tiled floor, as iPads are delicate devices.

However, if you’re looking for something to use at night in the bedroom to watch movies hands-free, or in the kitchen while cooking, or at a desk as a second screen, the Koala Mount is a great inexpensive mounting solution.

The Koala Mount can currently be obtained for $10 per mount (a 50 percent discount from the projected retail cost) on Kickstarter.com. The project is currently 80 percent funded and has 23 days to go.

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