HiddenRadio & BlueTooth Speaker: Functional, Elegant, and Funded — An Approved Kickstarter Project

Kickstarter backers have flocked to support HiddenRadio & BlueTooth Speaker, an audio accessory, which is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod, that promises to let form and function coalesce into a sleek, modern package.

HiddenRadio is designed to be intuitive to use, and unobtrusive until it’s needed. Simply twist the cap to turn the speaker on. Lifting the cap up increases the volume.

Though the speaker will work with any BlueTooth enabled device (i.e. smart phone, computer, iDevice), it also includes a 3.5 mm audio input, so it is compatible with most MP3 players or other audio music players. The device also comes with its own AM/FM radio.

HiddenRadio runs on a rechargeable battery that is designed for around 30 hours of playback per charge.

Unlike some Kickstarter projects, which find creators relying on backers to fund starting from scratch, HiddenRadio’s creator’s John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria have already spent four years and a lot of their own money on the project to ensure the speakers deliver high quality sound.

Backers who pledge $119 will receive one metallic silver speaker. Backers who pledge $229 will receive two speakers with a choice of metallic silver or graphite black. Notably, this project includes free global shipping to every backer, so those outside the US will not have to pony up any additional cash for freight. Delivery is expected in March 2012.

This project will be funded on Wednesday January 18, 2012, so there is still time to pledge your support and be among the first to receive this product.

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