Apple Planning to Open Mini Outlets Inside Target Stores

Apple has over 300 stores worldwide, with 245 of those located in the United States. While the Cupertino-based company has stores in most states, there are several states and smaller cities that are unable to support a full Apple Store.

Some customers in these areas have been forced to drive hundreds of miles to locations with an Apple Store or order their Apple products entirely online (giving them no access to in-store customer support) but as of this year, that may change as Apple begins to open new store-within-a-store locations in Targets across the country.

According to Apple Insider, Apple will begin to operate Apple-branded mini stores inside of 25 Target stores in locations with no official Apple Store, allowing the company to reach customers in more rural areas. Customers who have thus far been unable to go to an Apple Store in person for Genius Bar help will now be able to get Apple support at the local Target.

Apple has a similar store-inside-a-store at more than 600 Best Buy locations, which feature Apple Shops which are staffed by Apple Solution Consultants. Apple and Target have worked together since 2002, when the retail giant began selling iPods at its stores.  Target was the first retailer outside of Best Buy that was given permission to sell the iPad in 2010, and soon after it began selling iPhones.

With 1,752 stores in the U.S., Target is the second largest retailer in the country. Though the plan initially supports stores in just 25 locations, that could expand if the venture proves to be successful.

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